Tap the red areas to turn the page, tap the green area to show and hide the controls, and tap the blue corners to reopen the last-viewed menu

When space permits, users with larger iPads may see two additional items in the main control bar; tap and hold either of these icons to change their function or to disable them if you prefer

Welcome to forScore, the music reader for iOS! Here are a few quick things you should know before you get started.

Turning Pages

Turn the page with two basic kinds of gestures: swipes and taps. Swipe left or right across the screen like flipping through pages in a book, or simply tap either side of the screen once.


To get a better view of your score, turn your device sideways: the page will fill up the screen’s width and extend downward if necessary. Swipe or tap to scroll from top to bottom and between pages, or drag the page up and down with your finger.


To help you get the best view of your music, forScore’s controls are hidden by default. A quick, single tap in the middle of the page reveals these controls:

This control bar along the top of the screen gives you access to six important items (in blue): scores, bookmarks, and setlists on the left, and search, audio utilities, and the tools menu on the right. These items are discussed in greater detail throughout this guide.

The darker area in the middle of the toolbar displays the current item’s title, composer, and gives you quick access to commonly used tools and functions. Tap the arrow button on the right to reveal a second page of tools, or swipe left and right to move between pages. The “···” button on the second page lets you rearrange these items, placing up to two of them on the first page for easy access (the second item replaces the arrow button, but you can still swipe left and right to move between pages).

On iPhone or iPod Touch, the default first item activates Reflow. On iPad, it defaults to a button that toggles half page turns when your device is held in portrait orientation and two-page mode while in landscape.

Seek Bar

Across the bottom of the page, a slider control allows you to quickly preview and jump to any page in the current score. If you’ve added bookmarks to your score, the name of the bookmark hovers above your finger as you slide the control across the screen.


Place two fingers on the screen and move them farther apart to zoom in, or closer together (pinch) to zoom out. Double-tap the screen while zoomed in to return to the normal size.

Note: Apple made a change in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 that prevents the double tap gesture from functioning as expected. Although we notified them of the issue as soon as it was discovered—before the release of these system updates—Apple has not yet acknowledged the problem and we have no timeframe for when to expect a fix from them. Until this is resolved, users can zoom back out by placing two fingers on the page and moving (pinching) them together.

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