The Services panel lets you work with files stored in cloud storage services (like Dropbox and Box), to access the system’s file browser, and to download your purchases from content providers (like Musicnotes, Noteflight, Virtual Sheet Music, and more).

Cloud Storage

Tap the + button to add your preferred cloud service to the accounts list, then select it and log in when prompted. Once you’ve done so, you can navigate through your folders and see your files. You can upload, download, move, and delete supported file types including PDFs, forScore-specific formats (4SC, 4SS, and 4SB), audio files, comma-separated value (CSV) files, and some text formats (TXT, RTF, DOC, and DOCX) which are automatically converted to PDFs for you once downloaded.

Tap on a file to download it and a copy will be saved to your forScore library. If a file with the same name already exists, you’ll be asked to duplicate or overwrite the file, or to cancel the transfer. Tap the stop button in the middle of the progress wheel to cancel a file transfer. Swipe from right to left over an item (or tap and hold to reveal its contextual menu, if using a system version that supports them) to download the item directly into a setlist.

Items you add to your library are downloaded to your device so you don’t need an internet connection to view them. If the copy stored in the cloud is modified later, you’ll need to re-download it to see those changes.

You can also move your files: while in edit mode, tap to select one or more files, then choose “Move” from the toolbar. The selected files will turn blue, and you’ll be able to select directories or use the back button to navigate to the desired destination. When you’re ready, tap the “Move” button once again to send the selected files to the current directory.

To upload files, tap the upload button in the toolbar. You’ll be presented with a searchable list of all the shareable content in your library, and you may also see a file format button in the lower right-hand corner if applicable (use the forScore-specific 4SC file format when uploading scores or bookmarks to includes annotations, metadata, links, and more). Tap an item to select it, then tap the “Upload” button in the upper right corner of the menu to begin the upload process.

Files (iCloud Drive) and Other Services

The Services panel can also be used to access iCloud Drive and third-party cloud storage (including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Drive, as well as FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV servers) through a system-provided interface. Visit “The Files App” section later in this guide for more information.

Tip: The Files interface that appears when you use the Services panel is also available from forScore’s main menu (tap the “Import” button). In general, that’s an easier way of adding scores or other files to your forScore library.

Content Providers

Purchases you’ve made using supported content providers are listed by title and composer (or primary performer) and can be sorted alphabetically by either value, by date purchased, or by key. Tap any item to download it as a standard PDF file, or swipe over an item from right to left and use the Download action to download it to a specific setlist (or tap and hold to use contextual menus, if available). Tap “Edit” to select multiple files and download them all simultaneously.

If a content provider supports downloading transposed PDFs, you’ll see a circled “…” button to the right of that item. Tap here to see a list of available keys and choose which one you’d like to download.

While viewing a list of purchases, tap the gear icon in the toolbar to enable or disable automatic downloads for that folder. After enabling this feature, any purchases that become available in this location will be automatically downloaded into your library as soon as they’re discovered by forScore.

Account Management

To log out of an account or reset its authentication status, return to the accounts list and swipe over it from right to left, then choose Log Out (for content providers) or Delete (for cloud storage services).

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