It can be hard to find high-quality scores online that don’t force you into using proprietary systems or limited formats, which is why we created forScore’s in-app purchase storefront. It’s a great place to find and download PDF sheet music that has been perfectly optimized for iOS.

Choose “store” from the tools menu to view the storefront. You’ll find both free and paid scores and collections, articles on a variety of topics, news, some of our other apps, and links to a few of our favorite accessories.

Purchasing and Downloading

Your Apple ID is your gateway to purchasing digital content, so you don’t need to worry about entering your credit card information directly into the app. Tap any product to learn more and purchase or re-download it.

Content begins downloading immediately once your transaction has finished processing. You can monitor its progress from the product page or by tapping “My Purchases” in the top left-hand corner of the main store view.

Purchase History

Tap “My Purchases” in the main store view or choose “in-app purchases” from forScore’s settings panel to view all of your past purchases. Tap any item to re-download it, even if it’s no longer available for sale.

If items aren’t appearing in the list, tap “Restore” (and sign in with your account if prompted) to refresh your purchase history.

Tap the list icon to sort your purchases by date or title, and tap the download button in the toolbar to download all of your purchases at once.


Although we no longer sell third-party content through our storefront, items you previously purchased can still be downloaded if needed. Some of these items may have used copy protection to limit how you can use or share them. If you’re migrating to a new device, these items may be inaccessible until you re-download them using forScore’s purchase history panel.

All of the content we currently sell directly to our customers is DRM-free and can be migrated from one device to another without any limitations.

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