Does forScore sync or back up my files to the cloud?

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No. forScore helps you work with your own PDF sheet music collection by augmenting it with additional information and tools. Due to technical and legal considerations, forScore deals only with the files that exist on your device (in forScore’s Documents directory) and does not transmit these files to any server.

If you use iCloud and have enabled iCloud backups for your device, Apple routinely updates a copy of all the information on your device to their own iCloud servers. If your device is damaged or lost, or if you’re migrating to a new device, this backup can be used to transfer all of your information and settings over. Note, however, that iCloud backups can not be used to restore information for a specific app—it’s all or nothing. Note also that these backups are not incremental; if your information is corrupted and then backed up to iCloud, there is no way to revert to an earlier state.

As such, it’s important to regularly back up your sheet music library and your forScore database to a computer. Learn more about forScore backups here.

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