Slow responsiveness and delays when using iOS 11.3

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We have worked hard to identify the specific steps that cause the issues described below and have used this information to create a better workaround for all users as part of forScore 10.4.6 and forScore mini 3.4.6. If you followed these instructions and enabled the “Application Music Player” option, disabling it and updating forScore should restore all previous functionality (this option will be removed with a future update).

We have provided all of our research to Apple and they have indicated that they are working on fixing the root cause with a future iOS update. Although they do not discuss their plans publicly, we expect these changes to be rolled out as part of iOS 12 this fall.

Original Article:

A bug in iOS 11.3 or later can cause forScore to hang for several seconds while it attempts to access and control the system music player. This issue may occur even if the score you’re viewing has no audio track associated with it. Although we cannot fix this bug, forScore 10.4 and forScore mini 3.4 include a partial workaround:

In forScore’s Tools menu, select “Support” and then tap “Troubleshooting” (this item is not visible if you are using an earlier version of iOS). The “Application Music Player” option in this submenu allows forScore to use an independent, app-specific audio player instead of the system’s shared player. After enabling this setting and restarting forScore these delays should no longer occur, however forScore will no longer be able to display playback information or provide remote control abilities for audio playing from other apps, including iOS’ Music app.

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