With forScore version 2.4 or later, you can create your own custom signature images for the composers list of the main score menu. Just create an image file that’s 400×47, PNG format, and name it the same as one of your composers. (For instance, a signature for “John Doe” would be named “John Doe.png”.) Then, just add it to forScore via iTunes file sharing like you would with any PDF file, and it’ll show up automatically. The signature image will have a 10% opacity level, so we’ve created a PSD file that gives you a good idea of exactly how it will look when you’re finished. Just be sure to remove or disable the preview group of layers before exporting your image!

Update: For iPads with a Retina display, images should be 800×94 and saved with the suffix “@2x” (so our example file would be named “John Doe@2x.png”).

Signature Template (PSD, 71KB)
Retina Signature Template (PSD, 85KB)