"FORESCORE" Text Message Fraud

In late June, 2018, we began receiving emails from mobile phone users who were sent the following text message:

FreeMsg: You have purchased FORESCORE £15.00 from http://uk.forescore.mobi/ Help? Call 03332122366

We are not affiliated in any way with this company or message, and we have not charged you at all. Our app is called “forScore” and has nothing to do with this “FORESCORE” service. If you received this message, please contact your mobile carrier immediately to dispute any applicable charges.

Our company makes iOS apps and, as with all products on the iOS App Store, Apple exclusively handles all transactions on our behalf. We have no payment processing systems and absolutely no ability to charge anyone in this manner. Frankly, there’s zero possibility that we would ever use tactics like these even if it were technically possible for us to do so. We sympathize with your frustration and hope the authorities will act swiftly to stop this disgusting practice.