What happened to the Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive services?

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In early 2019, Microsoft and Google shut down their APIs that forScore had used to provide direct access to users’ content through the Services panel. OneDrive integration became non-functional and was removed from forScore 10.5.3, Google Drive was removed from forScore 10.5.6.

These companies have replaced their aging APIs with newer alternatives, and for a variety of reasons we’re choosing not to use them. First, their goals are no longer aligned with ours. These companies want a deeper level of integration and tracking than we’re comfortable with—both from a personal privacy standpoint as well as a legal one (see GDPR). We protect your privacy by refusing to collect any information from you, and that position is no longer compatible with these services.

Second, maintaining these services is a drain on our limited resources. We can’t afford to rewrite our Services panel each year based on policy changes that roll out slowly from one company to the next. We focus on making forScore the best sheet music reader it can be, and getting caught up in Google’s API review policies isn’t how we do that.

Third, and most importantly, everything you could do with forScore’s Services panel (and much more) can be done using iOS’ built-in Files app and File Provider Extensions. If you’re using iOS 11 or later, check out this guide to learn how to take full advantage of this system. It’s not just for OneDrive or Google Drive users, it allows you to work with dozens of services at a level that we could never support in-app.

We realize that this change affects a lot of our users and we apologize for the inconvenience. This functionality hasn’t just been thoughtlessly removed from forScore, it has been replaced on a system level by more powerful alternatives. We encourage you to check them out, and if you have questions or concerns let us know.

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