Many of these actions can be assigned to customizable gestures and shortcuts via the settings panel.

The tools menu gives you quick access to many of forScore’s functions. Some of these items are explained in greater detail throughout this guide.

Annotate: Use your finger to draw directly on the page, add text annotations, or use the stamp and shape tools to add common markup symbols.

Links: Create links between two pages of the current score to quickly handle repeats.

Buttons: Place tappable circles on a page to trigger certain actions.

Rearrange: Move, duplicate, rotate, or delete pages and split or merge documents.

Crop: Maximize your screen real estate by fixing crooked scans, removing excess margins, and getting the best possible view of each page.

Share: Print a score, send it to another PDF-compatible app on your device, or share it via email, AirDrop, and more.

Store: Discover something new to play, find popular accessories, or learn more about some of forScore’s newest features in our in-app purchase storefront.

Services: Download files into your library or save them to the cloud for safe keeping and easy access.

Scan: Create PDFs from images in your device’s photo library or use the built-in camera to take pictures of each page on the spot.

Templates: Create new PDF files by picking a style and number of pages.

Piano: Use this keyboard to work through tricky measures on the go.

Record: Review or share your practice sessions.

Cue: Broadcast page turns and/or program changes to nearby devices or use Dual Page mode with the standalone Cue app.

Dashboard: See what you’ve been playing and set goals, send reports, or share your progress.

Sync: Configure forScore to keep your content up-to-date across all of your devices using your iCloud account.

Backup: Create and restore from forScore library backups and archives or restore recently deleted items.

Support: Learn more about forScore, see which version you’re using, view library statistics, or send us questions and comments.

Settings: Customize your forScore experience to meet your needs. Learn more in the Settings section.

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