User Guides

Select the user guide that corresponds to your version of forScore to learn more about using the app. Guides for older versions are provided as a convenience and were generally updated for the last minor release in the series that included notable changes.

These guides are intended to help familiarize you with forScore, they’re not technical manuals and they don’t include step-by-step instructions for every scenario. Whenever possible, forScore follows iOS conventions and if you’re used to working with common interface elements in other apps, the same approach generally works within forScore as well.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours updating and refining these guides to make them as clear as possible for as many people as possible, but everyone learns differently. We try hard to be explicit while also maintaining readability and fostering comprehension, and we don’t always succeed. If you think they can be improved, please let us know—your constructive and polite suggestions are always welcome.