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On January 27th, 2010, Apple introduced the iPad. It revolutionized industries and confounded bloggers, and the moment we saw it we knew it was the ultimate sheet music machine. We immediately set to work crafting forScore, and a few very short months later we introduced forScore 1.0. Since then, we’ve leveraged the support and feedback of our uniquely passionate customer base to release over a hundred and seventy updates to forScore, all in service of our primary goal: to make the best sheet music reader.

forScore mini

In 2014 our flagship app was joined by its small-screen sibling, forScore mini (which has since become part of forScore 11). It was made possible only after more than a year of hard work spent crafting Reflow, one of our most innovative features that enhances readability on small screens without relying on specially-formatted file types.

forScore Music Box

Over the years, we also introduced several iPhone-sized versions of our most popular audio tools: Beat Keeper, Pitch, Please!, and TuneWave. We also expanded our remote control protocol, Cue, by creating a combination standalone remote app and dual page viewer. All four apps have since become “universal” for use on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch at no additional charge, and all four apps are offered as part of the forScore Music Box app bundle.


In 2017, after two years of intermittent development as a passion project, we released our single-track MIDI recorder called Nocturne. Its desktop-class power is presented within a thoughtfully streamlined interface that provides musicians everything they need to faithfully capture multiple takes of their solo performances without burdening them with the fine-grained controls of complex studio apps.


Apple’s PDFKit framework, available for over a decade to Mac developers, finally made its way over to iOS devices with iOS 11. We knew that our forScore customers and many others could benefit from its ability to expose and edit native PDF attributes, so we created Badger: PDF Negotiator which offers thorough PDF metadata viewing and editing, layout adjustment and page rotation, and more.

Mac Apps

With the introduction of macOS 10.15 Catalina in late 2019, Apple made it easier for developers to port their iOS apps over to the Mac. We took full advantage of this opportunity on day one, releasing Mac versions of Nocturne, Beat Keeper, Cue, Pitch, Please!, and TuneWave.

Our Company

forScore and its fellow apps are proudly made in Vancouver, Washington by forScore, LLC. There are no investors to please, no salespeople, and there’s no middle management. Our developer is also our designer and the person who answers your support emails is the same person you’ll meet at events in Apple retail stores. You don’t need a big team and trendy business models to make big changes in the world, you just need the vision and willpower. We envision a music reader that does everything paper can and more, and we work tirelessly to realize it. That’s who we are.

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