forScore Pro

Take things to the next level

forScore packs in everything you need to join the digital sheet music revolution. Just one up-front purchase and you’re set, armed with the world’s most advanced sheet music reading app and free updates for life.

When you’re ready for even more, we’ve got you covered there too. Subscribe to forScore Pro for early or exclusive access to our newest or highly specific features and priority support when questions arise.

forScore Pro is an optional, auto-renewing subscription that’s available for users running forScore 11 or later. It costs $9.99 per year (in USD, price in other currencies is set by Apple and varies by region). Benefits of subscribing are outlined below and are subject to change without notice or refund. Visit for complete terms and conditions.


Subscriptions are great for allowing developers like us to offer ongoing services that a single, up-front purchase can’t otherwise justify. There’s no better example of that than customer support, and with every release and feature addition our app gets more and more complex—while we’re always happy to help any way that we can, it’s impossible for us to provide personalized support for all customers in perpetuity.

If you need more detailed or immediate support than we can offer for free, forScore Pro allows us to spend more time working with you to answer your questions and make sure you’re getting the most out of forScore. Just choose “Support” from forScore’s Tools menu, tap “Contact Us,” and use the pro support function there to get in touch with us.

Face Gestures

If your device features Apple’s TrueDepth camera system, you can use facial gestures to turn pages—either by turning your head or by moving your lips to the left or right. Choose whichever mode works best for you, and adjust their sensitivity in the forScore Pro section of forScore’s settings panel or take advantage of the automatic calibration method for easy setup.

Pop-up Menus

The six primary buttons in forScore’s title bar are an essential part of working with the app. Pop-up menus let you quickly perform common tasks related to each of these items by using one continuous gesture: touch the button and drag your finger downward to see a list of shortcuts. Keep dragging your finger until it’s hovering over the item you need, then let go to activate it.

The main menu’s pop-up options allow you to quickly return to the last score or page you were on, or to access the Now Playing queue. Use the Bookmarks button to create a new bookmark. If you’re playing from a setlist, the Setlist button’s shortcuts let you edit it or navigate between items.

The Search button shows your most recently viewed items, while the metronome and pitch buttons give you instant control over mode/playback. Access up to five pinned and/or most recently used tools (swipe over an item in the tools menu to pin or unpin it).

With forScore 11.1 or later, you can use pop-up menus while in annotation mode to change the size of stamps, shapes, drawing presets, or the eraser. You can also use the selection tool’s pop-up menu to switch between freeform and rectangular selection modes.

More Stamps

A second page of stamps gives you a wide range of options for most of your annotation needs. This stamp set is read-only (so it can be updated and expanded more easily in the future), but if you use one frequently or need to customize it to better suit your needs, tap the action icon to copy it to your personal collection.

App Icons

Four exclusive app icons—Shadow, Glacier, Graphite, and Retro (forScore’s original icon)—let you personalize your home screen and show off your support. (The forScore Pro subscription replaces the older “voluntary upgrades” but if you purchased any of those you’ll continue to have access to these icons).

Subscribing & Management

The forScore Pro subscription panel is where you can learn more about the service, become a subscriber, or restore your existing subscription. It can be accessed in several places throughout the app, but the easiest place to find it is in forScore’s Settings panel. Open the tools menu, choose Settings, and then tap “forScore Pro.” (If you’re currently subscribed to forScore Pro, this item shows a list of options related to forScore Pro features—tap the “Manage Subscription” item at the top of this list to see the subscription interface).

If you’re not currently subscribed to forScore Pro, you can tap the blue button to become a subscriber. If you subscribed from another device, tap the Restore button in the bottom right-hand corner to restore your purchase and make it available on the current device as well. If you previously subscribed but your subscription period has ended, the text below this button will tell you when your subscription lapsed.

While your subscription is active, the blue button reads “Subscribed” and the text below it lets you know when your current period will end. If you haven’t disabled auto-renewal, you can tap this button and choose “Manage” to navigate to the App Store and view or manage your subscription settings.

Learn more about managing your subscriptions by visiting this Apple support article.