Below you’ll find a few extra things to help you get the most out of forScore. We supply this information as a courtesy to our customers, though the presence of a product here does not necessarily represent an endorsement. If you know of a product that you think should be included on this page, please let us know!

Disclosure: Some links on this page are “affiliate links”—we may earn a commission on any purchases you make (at no cost to you) after following them.

Our Apps

View our apps on the iOS App Store and Mac App Store

iOS iPadOS macOS visionOS

The ultimate sheet music reading experience for iPad, iPhone, Mac and Vision Pro.

iOS iPadOS macOS visionOS

Remotely control forScore on one or more nearby devices, or display pages side by side across two devices.

iOS iPadOS macOS watchOS visionOS

Start off on the right note every time with our pitch pipe; includes a watch app for instant access from anywhere!

iOS iPadOS macOS watchOS visionOS

Tune your instrument with our clean, responsive, and accurate utility for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

iOS iPadOS macOS

Keep time in style wherever you go with our metronome app for iPhone, iPad (great as a Slide Over app), and Mac.

forScore Music Box
iOS iPadOS macOS watchOS

Get all four apps or complete your collection with this great app bundle!

Piano with Friends
iOS iPadOS macOS

Tap or type to play this transposable keyboard, alone or with friends anywhere in the world using SharePlay.

iOS iPadOS macOS visionOS

Capture your ideas quickly with our simple and streamlined single-track, multi-take MIDI recorder.

All of our apps listed above are available as a single “universal” purchase, available to install and use on your personal devices—iPad, iPhone, and Mac (and Apple Watch and/or Vision Pro where noted)—for no additional fee. All of our apps fully support iPad’s Slide Over and Split View multitasking modes. Our macOS apps are fully optimized for both Intel- and Apple Silicon-based Macs and run natively on each without compromise.



Due to Apple’s sandboxing restrictions, these utilities are not currently available on the Mac App Store and are offered exclusively through our website as free downloads:

forScore Backup Utility

Manage your files and easily archive your library to your Mac with our free utility for macOS 10.14 or later.

Sheet Music

Download your purchases from these digital sheet music retailers directly into forScore as standard PDF files. Learn more here.


Shop at Musicnotes.com and all of your purchases can be downloaded directly into forScore in any available key.


Download your Noteflight Marketplace purchases directly into forScore as standard PDF files.

Virtual Sheet Music

Sign in with your Virtual Sheet Music account to access and download almost all of your purchases.

Page Turners

PageFlip: Butterfly, Firefly, and Dragonfly

The perfect all-in-one solution: these Bluetooth page turners expertly balance usability and flexibility.*

AirTurn DUO Series

Turn pages naturally with the incredibly versatile AirTurn DUO series of Bluetooth page turners.*

AirTurn PEDpro

This slim Bluetooth Smart page turner from AirTurn is perfect for musicians on the go.

IK Multimedia: iRig BlueBoard

A versatile, wireless Bluetooth Smart controller with four backlit pads and great battery life.

IK Multimedia: iRig BlueTurn

This convenient keyboard-based page turner features two backlit pads and uses Bluetooth Smart for amazing battery life.*

Coda Stomp

A high-quality, rugged page turner with a solid metal enclosure that’s perfect for the road.*

Turn Touch Remote

Crafted from real wood, this handheld Bluetooth Smart remote can be customized to perform a wide variety of actions.

*iOS and iPadOS disable the virtual on-screen keyboard whenever keyboard-based page turners are connected. Disconnect your page turner to use the on-screen keyboard, or use your page turner’s hardware workaround (if available).


Smart Styluses

These three incredible accessories makes a big difference and dramatically enhance forScore’s annotation experience. Click here to learn about how they seamlessly integrate with forScore and how you can customize your settings to get the most out of them.

Apple Pencil

Great palm rejection and intuitive gestures make this the gold standard. Multiple models available, device compatibility varies.

Logitech Crayon

This more utilitarian stylus works great with a wide range of iPads. Multiple models available, device compatibility varies.

File Providers & Services

With iOS 11 or later, Apple’s Files app lets you connect to your favorite cloud storage services and access them system-wide. Visit forScore.co/files to learn more about using the Files app.


Apple’s Files app lets you access files stored on your device, iCloud Drive or third-party services using File Provider-enabled apps.

Microsoft OneDrive

Access your accounts directly through the app or add it to Apple’s Files app for easy access.

Google Drive

Use the app directly or add its File Provider extension to the Files app for instant, system-wide access to your account.

FileExplorer Pro

Access FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV servers, network-attached storage, nearby computers, and more through the Files app.


Install this File Provider to add support for a variety of different services and protocols to the Files app.


Fully integrated into forScore’s Services panel, this popular cloud storage service is a great option for most users.


Another great cloud storage option, also available directly through forScore’s Services panel.

Mounts & More

IK Multimedia: iRig MIDI 2

Connect to your MIDI devices with this powerful universal interface.

IK Multimedia: iKlip Xpand

Make sure the iPad is always right where you need it with this flexible, adjustable mic stand adapter.