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Beta Testing Guide

Note: The TestFlight service and app are managed and maintained by Apple. For general instructions and policies regarding your use of TestFlight, please visit this page.

Getting Started

If you sent us your information and have been invited to test one of our apps during a private beta testing period, you should have received an email containing a link and a set of instructions to get started. We also occasionally offer public beta testing on a first come, first served basis—in this case the link is publicly available instead.

Either way, you’ll need to download the TestFlight app (and may be asked to redeem a single-use code), at which point you’ll be able to install any available builds. You’ll receive a new email from Apple each time a new beta build becomes available so you can download it at your convenience. Tap the “stop testing” button in TestFlight for a specific app to leave the beta program at any time.

Installation Notes

When you install a beta version of an app it replaces the current version on your device but does not affect your data or settings (just like installing a regular app update). While you’re using a beta version of an app, edits made to your documents or settings are permanent. As such, it’s essential that you back up your information before beginning a beta test.

Once an update you’ve been testing is released publicly, visit the app’s page on the App Store to download that final version. If you decide to stop testing before the update is released, use the same method to re-download the most current version of the app (i.e. to downgrade from the beta version to the last stable release).

In-App Purchases

All in-app purchases are free during the beta testing period and do not carry over when the testing period is over. When you initiate an in-app purchase, you should see these words: “Beta testers aren’t charged for this In-App purchase, and it will only be available during testing.” This message ensures that you’re making a test purchase and that you will not be charged. Note that some in-app purchases, such as those that provide premium downloadable content, may be unavailable during a beta test.

Subscription terms are also unique when beta testing: duration times are shortened and test subscriptions only auto-renew a maximum of six times. To continue testing an auto-renewing subscription after that final period has ended, return to the subscription interface and repeat the purchase process. As with other in-app purchases, subscriptions are free during the beta testing period.

Actual Duration Test Duration
1 week 3 minutes
1 month 5 minutes
2 months 10 minutes
3 months 15 minutes
6 months 30 minutes
1 year 1 hour


Bug reports, usability issues, and relevant feedback are essential parts of beta testing an app. While we always welcome general suggestions and feature requests through our support page, beta feedback should be focused on the changes we’ve already made and whether or not they’re functioning as intended. Use the “submit beta feedback” button in the TestFlight app or visit to send us your comments.