Adding files from an email attachment

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When you are viewing an email in the Mail app with a PDF attachment, here’s how you can import it into forScore:

  • Some larger files may not be completely downloaded yet. If that’s the case, the PDF icon will say “tap to download”. Tap the icon and the file will download completely
  • Once the file is downloaded, tap and hold on the PDF attachment icon, and a list of options will appear
  • Choose forScore from the “Open In…” list, and the file will open in the app and be saved to your forScore library
  • If you accidentally tap quickly on the PDF icon, the file will open in “quick look.” In this case, tap once on the screen to show the file options, then tap the “share” button in the upper right corner (the box with an arrow pointing upward), and you’ll see the same sharing options and be able to choose forScore

Note: if you use a different email app, this process may be different, but most mail clients have a “share” or “action” function that will allow you to send a file to another app on your device.

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