Turning pages automatically with Autoturn

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For scores with sequential pages, forScore’s metronome can turn the pages for you automatically. To use autoturn, follow these three steps:

  • For each page of your score, enter in the number of beats on that page or type in the number of measures and the app will do the math for you. If you’re on the first page of your score, consider adding a few extra beats as a lead-in.
  • Tap the autoturn button to turn it on (if it isn’t already)
  • Start the metronome by selecting Audible, Visible, or Both

Once the metronome counts up to the number you’ve specified, the page will turn automatically. If you’re viewing your score in landscape mode, forScore will also scroll down when it reaches half of that number. (For example, if you have 64 beats on a page, it’ll scroll to the bottom of the page at 32 beats.)

Turn the metronome off at any point to reset the autoturn count.

Tip: Autoturn relies on a consistent tempo for each page. If your score contains multiple time signatures or significant changes in speed, consider using Replay or a hands-free page turner instead. Please note that Autoturn and Replay are not intended to be used in tandem. We recommend choosing one method or the other.

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