Connecting the PageFlip Cicada, Firefly, Butterfly, or Dragonfly

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All PageFlip models connect to your iOS device using a standard computer keyboard profile. Each device features several modes that are compatible with forScore. For the PageFlip Cicada, Firefly, or Dragonfly, choose modes 1, 2, or 3. Modes 2 and 3 on the Butterfly are compatible with forScore.

First Time Pairing

  • Follow the instructions in your specific model’s user guide to pair the pedal with your iOS device.
  • Once paired, launch forScore and the device should turn pages by default in any of the 3 compatible device modes.
  • If the pages do not turn, or if you would like to configure additional pedals on the Dragonfly model, adjust the page turner and shortcut settings using these instructions, or reset them to the defaults.

Toggling the virtual keyboard

Since the PageFlip pedals connect to your device with a computer keyboard profile, the virtual keyboard will not appear when a text field is selected. See this article for additional instructions on toggling the keyboard: Virtual keyboard won’t appear

Common Troubleshooting

Most issues with these devices are resolved by either switching modes using the buttons on the device itself, or by resetting the device and re-pairing it with your iPad.

If the PageFlip device is unresponsive or intermittently responsive after trying the above, and you are running iOS or iPadOS 13 or later, a common Accessibility setting may be interfering with forScore’s ability to detect the device’s commands. Open the Settings app, then choose Accessibility > Keyboard > Full Keyboard Access and make sure this setting is turned OFF for optimal performance.

If you continue to have issues with the device, please contact us so we can troubleshoot further.

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