Displaying your music on an external display

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Connect your device directly to most external displays using the appropriate video adapter (sold separately at Apple retail stores and many other locations). The contents of your device’s screen are mirrored automatically, and no further setup is required.

AirPlay video mirroring is built into iOS and can be used to wirelessly display your device’s screen on any compatible device on the same network (such as an AppleTV). Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Center, then tap the AirPlay icon to choose a video-capable device.

TV Output

The following legacy feature has been retired and is hidden by default as of forScore 10.4. For most users, mirroring provides a better solution for displaying music on an external display.

If you have an iPad 1 (which does not support mirroring) you can enable an alternate video output system by selecting “TV Output” from the tools menu. Note that this feature is heavily outdated and relies on older technologies to display your music. It is incompatible with features like half-page turns and it offers poor performance compared to mirroring. Its usage is discouraged.

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