Connecting the iRig BlueBoard

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The iRig BlueBoard is a Bluetooth LE device that forScore can communicate with directly, without the need for the intermediary BlueBoard app. If you have the BlueBoard app installed, make sure you have forced it closed using these instructions before pairing the device with forScore.

First Time Pairing

  • Launch forScore, tap the center of the screen to toggle the control bar, and open the Tools menu (toolbox icon).
  • With forScore 10 or earlier, choose Devices from the list. With forScore 11 or later, choose Settings, then Devices.
  • Turn the switch on the bottom of the BlueBoard to the On position.
  • The blue light on the top of the device should blink repeatedly, indicating that it is available for pairing.
  • In the list of available devices, select iRig BlueTurn.
  • The BlueBoard should pair with forScore immediately.
  • Adjust the page turner and shortcut settings using these instructions, to customize each button for a command in forScore.

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