How to replace a file but keep forScore data intact

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Sometimes you may want to replace an existing file in your forScore library with a new version of the PDF, but keep any existing annotations and metadata intact. For example, a composer might rewrite a few measures of a new piece, but the changes aren’t significant enough to scrap all of your work with the original version.

With most import methods, forScore will prompt you with options for handling duplicate file names. In this case, choose “Overwrite” and the app will replace the original PDF with the new one and keep any existing metadata in place. You can also use the File Sharing feature in forScore’s Backup Utility app (macOS 10.15 and later), where you’ll be prompted to replace any identical files.

Warning: Apple’s File Sharing panel in macOS 10.15 does not prompt you when you attempt to add a file with the same name as an existing file. Instead, it permanently overwrites the app’s copy with the computer’s copy and this cannot be undone. We do not recommend using Apple’s File Sharing panel at this time.

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