Merging two or more files

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With version 5 of forScore and later, you can merge multiple files into a single PDF:

  • Open the score menu and navigate to a view that shows all of the files you’d like to combine
  • Tap the edit button in the upper right corner of the menu
  • Tap to select the files you would like to combine in order from first to last
  • Tap the Merge button that appears when multiple PDFs are selected
  • The app will then prompt you to name the merged file and ask if you’d like to retain the source PDFs, then begin the merge operation

Please note: Merging files is limited to the processing and memory limits of your device, so this process may crash the app if the files being merged are too large for the device to handle. Merging only retains the metadata of the first file selected, and any metadata in the subsequent files will be omitted/deleted.

Lastly, if you need to change the location of one of the PDFs (e.g. place a missing page in the middle of an existing score), you can then use the Rearrange tool to edit the page order.

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