Moving PDFs from iBooks to forScore

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If you previously kept your PDF files in iBooks, or accidentally added them into iBooks through iTunes, you can transfer them from your computer into forScore. Here are some instructions for that process using a Mac computer, with the iBooks app installed:

  1. Connect your device to your computer
  2. On your computer, open the iBooks app and navigate to your PDF files
  3. Select the files you’re like to transfer, then click and drag them to your computer’s desktop
  4. Open the File Sharing panel
  5. Drag the file(s) from your desktop into the panel to add them to forScore
  6. The file(s) will be copied to your device automatically

If you use a PC, iBooks are stored in the iBooks section of your iTunes library. Browse the library to locate the PDF files you’ve added, then click and drag them to your desktop to copy the files there. Once you’ve finished, follow steps 4-7 above to add them to forScore.

If you have purchased music through the iBooks Store, there is no way to transfer those files to forScore due to proprietary file formats and copy restrictions.

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