Using Replay to automate page turns

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Automate your page turns by recording them in conjunction with a linked audio track:


Tap the Replay button in the media box (the page with an arrow in it) then turn pages and/or scroll up and down as needed while the track plays. Tap the circled “x” button in the top right-hand corner to stop recording once you’re finished, or wait until the track ends.


Once you’ve recorded your navigation actions, tap the Replay button to enable or disable Replay mode. While replay mode is on, small lines in the seek bar will show you where saved page turns are located. Play your track and forScore will repeat each of your navigation actions at just the right moment.

Note that Autoturn and Replay are not intended to be used in tandem. We recommend choosing one method or the other.


With ForScore 11 or newer, while Replay is active you’ll see a “ยทยทยท” button to the right of the seek bar that opens the Replay editor which lists all of the navigation actions you’ve recorded. Swipe from right to left over an entry and tap Delete to remove it, or tap to select it and use the audio scrubber along the bottom of the panel to adjust its timing. To reset all Replay data, tap the Clear button.

If you’re using forScore 10 or earlier, the button to the right of the seek bar is a small “x” and can be used to reset all Replay data and start from scratch.

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