forScore Labs

About forScore Labs

forScore Labs is a separate iOS and iPadOS app—a nearly identical copy of forScore—that’s used solely for testing through Apple’s TestFlight service. It isn’t available on the App Store and it never will be; it’s an isolated testing environment that helps us develop proof-of-concept features without risking our beta testers’ content.

How It Works

  • forScore Labs is run through Apple’s TestFlight service, so if you’ve ever beta tested something with it you already know what to expect. If not, this page on Apple’s website details how it works.
  • Beta testing cycles with forScore Labs start small—with around a dozen testers or so—and expand over time. Participation and feedback are essential to this program, so if you’re given a spot and don’t take advantage of it within a reasonable amount of time you will be removed to make space for others.
  • Remember that forScore Labs is designed to give us more latitude when it comes to testing, so you may be asked to delete and reinstall the app. Don’t store anything in it that you can’t stand to lose.
  • You can test forScore Labs on a device that also has forScore on it—they’re separate apps, so what you do in one won’t affect the other.
  • Most importantly, features being tested in forScore Labs are at the proof-of-concept stage. There’s a reason we aren’t just announcing them outright—they may never ship at all. Just because we’re testing something doesn’t mean it’ll become part of a public forScore release, and we won’t be able to provide any sort of timeframe for its completion.

What We’re Testing

We’re not currently testing any features with forScore Labs, but if that changes we’ll update this page and post a News update so everyone can get a chance to try it out.