Support Policy

Although Apple does not require app developers to offer personalized support for their products, we choose to provide one-on-one assistance to our customers whenever possible. In addition to the wide range of resources available on our website (including our user guides and knowledge base), we’re happy to help answer questions, provide clarification, or receive suggestions. If you need to get in touch with us, the following guidelines will help you understand what you can expect.


We are a very small company with limited resources. We have one part-time customer support representative who responds to emails whenever appropriate and, generally, in the order they’re received. We do not offer telephone support of any kind at this time. Please note that we occasionally need to take time off, your patience during these periods is greatly appreciated.

In-App Support

If you already own forScore and are able to access the Support item in the tools menu, consider using it to get help. Unlike the contact forms on our website, this in-app functionality allows you to attach screen recordings or images that can help us resolve your issue more quickly.


We reserve the right to refuse support to any customer at any time, especially when we feel like ongoing communications are counter-productive. In general, using abusive language, sarcasm, threats, sending multiple requests to get a faster response, or repeatedly asking the same questions (or questions that are already answered extensively on our website) will reduce the likelihood of our being able to help. Stick to the facts and we’ll be able to respond more quickly, effectively, and constructively.


We’re happy to answer specific questions and to provide brief, general advice for getting started. To ensure that we can provide timely support to all of our customers, however, we can not answer basic questions that are already addressed in our knowledge base, and we do not provide training or detailed guidance (those questions are usually better addressed in our user guide). In most cases we are unable to answer questions regarding other apps or system features.


Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome! Due to the wide variety of requests we receive and the wide range of musicians out there, however, we are unable to respond to each suggestion personally unless we have follow-up questions or need clarification. Our app has grown tremendously since 2010, thanks to the passion of customers like you. Please know that we read every single suggestion we get, and each one helps us better understand and serve our community.

forScore Pro

forScore Pro is an optional, annual subscription offered as an in-app purchase within forScore (not a separate app). In addition to other benefits, forScore Pro offers subscribers more detailed and prioritized support whenever possible. Support benefits are contingent upon our availability and your adherence to the policies outlined above, and no specific timeframe or outcome for support requests is implied or guaranteed. For more information, please visit