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10.5: Recovery

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If you delete a score, bookmark, or setlist by mistake, forScore 10.5 includes a recovery feature that may be able to help. In forScore’s Backup panel, tap the “Recently Deleted” item at the top of the list to see any items you deleted within the past seven days. Tap on an item to put it back, or swipe from right to left and confirm to delete it permanently and free up storage space on your device. Use edit mode to select multiple items and tap one of the buttons at the bottom of the list to delete or recover them all at once. To select everything in the list, enter edit mode and—without selecting any items—tap the appropriate button at the top of the list; forScore selects all items for you and asks you to confirm the action before proceeding.

This feature provides a great safety net, but it’s important to note that forScore can only help you recover things that you delete through the app. If you use the Files app or iTunes’ File Sharing panel to delete a PDF, forScore won’t be able to help you get it back.