Introducing forScore Labs

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Our beta testers are invaluable when it comes to finalizing the latest major forScore updates, but there are limits to what we can do without putting their music libraries (and in some cases their livelihood) at risk. So today we’re announcing a new program, forScore Labs, which will give us the flexibility to test bigger features for longer.

forScore Labs is a separate app that’s only available for beta testing through TestFlight (it won’t ever be available on the App Store) and it can be installed on a device that already has forScore on it—they’re completely standalone apps. forScore Labs is nearly identical to forScore, aside from the new features or changes we’re testing at the moment.

Before we get into what the first version will include, we want to be clear: these features might never be publicly released. They are at the proof-of-concept stage, we have no hard time frame for their release, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll ever be finished. The presence of a feature in forScore Labs should never be interpreted as an announcement.

The inaugural testing phase of forScore Labs includes something we’ve been working on for several years now: iCloud syncing. With an app as complex as forScore developed by a company of just two people, this has been a huge undertaking for us and we’re very excited to finally be reaching this milestone.

We’ve put together a new page that details the forScore Labs program and gives you more information about what to expect and how to sign up. If you’re interested in something like this, be sure to check it out now—space is very limited.

forScore Labs  

Nocturne 1.3

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Nocturne 1.3, the latest free update to our MIDI recorder, is available now on the App Store and Mac App Store. This version introduces a newly rewritten recording engine that addresses Nocturne’s biggest weakness: handling of delayed events, especially when using network MIDI sessions. Version 1.3 also brings enhanced support for use with pointing devices on iPadOS, adds the ability to scroll left and right to adjust a track’s playback position (on iPad or Mac), and improves various interface elements on the Mac.

Until now, Nocturne has really been a passion project for us. It’s an app we created to provide a simpler approach to recording musical ideas quickly—a sort of MIDI notebook—and to prove that there’s room for such an app in a marketplace full of sophisticated alternatives. It’s clear that there is, and with these improvements we think Nocturne lives up to its potential like never before.

To all of you who bought it, thank you for helping it grow. As with all of our products, Nocturne is fueled by your support, feedback, and passion.

Nocturne 1.3

Available now for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS

Page Copy & Paste

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Last week we released forScore 11.2 and one of its headlining features is Page Copy & Paste which allows forScore Pro subscribers to copy or cut a portion of a page’s contents and paste it elsewhere on that page, on another page, or even in another document. It extends the existing copy/paste functionality of the Selection annotation tool when used with the new PDF layer that’s automatically available on every page.

We know that some people who are anxious to use this feature aren’t necessarily familiar with the Selection tool, though, so we’ve updated our knowledge base article to provide step-by-step instructions. We’re sorry this wasn’t available last week, but we think it’ll help curious users get up and running quickly.

App Reviews & Support

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We occasionally get app reviews from users asking questions or seeking help, so we wanted to take a moment today to discuss how app reviews work and why they’re not a great way for forScore users to get answers.

For most of the App Store’s history, reviews were totally one-sided: developers couldn’t respond publicly or privately to offer help or ask for clarification. That changed a few years ago, but Apple limits the number of times a developer can respond to a review and, most crucially, they must approve each one and it can take up to a day for a response to appear on the App Store. At that point the reviewer is notified of the response via email, but if the reviewer doesn’t regularly check that email address the response may never be seen.

In general, reviews are great for offering your overall opinion about an app’s functionality and usefulness to you on the whole in a way that helps others understand if the app might be right for them as well. When you’re having a specific, temporary problem or don’t understand how something works, please get in touch with us first and let us help; you’ll get a much faster response, more detailed information, and be able to follow up with other questions at any time.

Reviews that follow these guidelines really do help. We just released our 17th major update to forScore, each one absolutely free for all users who purchased a previous version. If you bought forScore 1.0 for $2.99 back in 2010, you’ve gotten access to every single one of these updates and an app that does orders of magnitude more than it did at the start. If you can, please consider leaving a 5-star review and help us fuel all of the updates still to come.

forScore 11.2

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Today we’re proud to announce the release of forScore 11.2, available immediately as a free update for all users. It’s a jam-packed release and we can’t cover it all here, so be sure to check out our update page to learn all about it. We think it’s easily the best version of forScore yet and we think musicians everywhere will love the new features, big upgrades, and incredible enhancements.

Thanks once again to all of our customers, and especially to our amazing beta testers for helping us get ready for this big release. Your support keeps us going and ensures we can keep releasing big new updates for years to come. Thank you, truly—we couldn’t do it without you.

forScore 11.2

Available now for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

A Decade of Music

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This month marks ten years since we debuted forScore 1.0 and started a decade long journey that has taken us places we never could have expected. We’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to do what we love for so long, and to have a huge audience of musicians who not only enjoy using our app, but who energize and inspire us with their feedback, encouragement, and support.

We had planned on pulling together a playlist of songs made using forScore, interviews with musicians, and stories from our users across the globe. Now that April is here, that honestly doesn’t feel like the right way to celebrate. Like most of you, we’re facing tougher times right now—both professionally and personally—and it feels inappropriate to look back on the last ten years through today’s heavy lens.

Life carries on, though, and we’re continuing to work harder than ever to make forScore the best it can be. We know there’s a lot left to chart with the future of our app, so we took some time to commemorate this anniversary with an update to the retrospective site we put together five years ago. We added a few chapters not to rest on what we’ve done but to be able to look back another five or ten years from now and see how far we’ve come.

There’s plenty of music left in this world, and we’re grateful to have been a part of this journey so far with you. Thank you.

Ten Years of forScore  

Pitch, Please! 3.0

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Today we’re excited to announce the release of Pitch, Please! 3.0, a big update to our pitch pipe that includes a new continuous playback mode featuring high-quality sound banks designed to sound great when looped indefinitely, as well as enhanced cursor support on iPadOS. This update is completely free and now a universal app, so you can buy it once and use it on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch (since Apple Watch and Today View widget interactions are designed to be as quick as possible, continuous playback is not available in these cases). Be sure to check it out today!

Pitch, Please!

Available now for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS

Beat Keeper 3.5

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We’re happy to announce the immediate release of Beat Keeper 3.5, the latest update to our standalone metronome app. This version features enhanced cursor support on iPadOS, so you can scroll with your trackpad or mouse to quickly and precisely adjust the BPM. It’s now available for macOS as a universal purchase, so you can download and install it onto your Mac at no additional cost. And, as always, it’s absolutely free for anyone who purchased a previous version. Click here to learn more about Beat Keeper, or get it on the App Store by visiting the link below.

Beat Keeper

Available now for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS

Mac Apps Update

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With macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple made it easier for developers to bring their iPad apps to the Mac and we did so enthusiastically—debuting Mac versions of our four Music Box apps as well as Nocturne.

When Apple announced these updates, they positioned it as a multi-year project and at the time they made it clear that Mac apps could only be sold separately from iOS and iPadOS versions. We expected this to change in a year or two, but last month Apple unexpectedly announced that they would soon begin allowing developers to adopt Universal Purchases meaning that customers could buy an app once and install it on all of their compatible devices at no additional charge.

Making our Mac apps took a lot of work at a time when our resources were already stretched thinly with iOS and iPadOS 13’s massive changes, so we felt like charging for these Mac apps was an acceptable but temporary tradeoff. We always planned to offer universal apps as soon as Apple allowed us to do so, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Unfortunately, Apple provides developers with no way to combine apps once they’ve been released. If you’ve bought our iOS/iPadOS apps they’ll now run on the Mac too, but the standalone Mac apps have been discontinued. If you bought any of these Mac apps and you don’t already own the iOS/iPadOS version, get in touch with us so we can make sure you continue to receive all future updates.

Our strategy has always been to make something great and release it when it’s ready, and although this transition is trickier than we’d like we stand by the decisions we made. If you supported us by buying any of our Mac apps, thank you—it truly made a difference and allowed us to ensure that these apps have a bright future on the Mac.

Note: Ongoing App Store issues prevent users’ purchase histories from updating correctly and may display our Mac apps as unpurchased even for users who own the iOS or iPadOS counterparts. This is incorrect and you should be able to download them without being charged a second time. Please visit this page to learn more.

forScore Music Box

Available now


Available now

Cursor Support

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This week Apple released iPadOS 13.4 and, with it, introduced full support for using an iPad with a mouse or trackpad. We’ve tried it out with forScore and have been pleased with the results right out of the box, but we’re most excited about ways we can update our app to take full advantage of the new tools Apple has given developers.

So today we’re happy to announce that with forScore 11.2, due for release soon and already in beta testing, we’re adding convenient new capabilities such as page turn gestures, the ability to scroll up and down to adjust the metronome or pitch pipe, full support for pinch and pan gestures when zooming in on a page or cropping it, and more.

We’ve updated our sneak peek and added an info page to give you a sense of what you can expect when this update is ready. With this week’s hardware and OS updates, Apple has proven once again that they’re far from done pushing the iPad forward and we’re proud to be able to put these enhancements to good use.