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Every day, thousands of people around the world pick up an iPad for the first time and realize just how dramatically it can change the way they work and play. Since the iPad’s introduction in 2010, we’ve been at the forefront of the technology; we knew from the start that the iPad was perfect for sheet music, and our users agree.

We also know how important content is and how hard it can be to find high-quality digital sheet music. That’s why we created a full storefront in forScore, ready to sell your best content using Apple’s in-app purchasing model. By connecting our customers with great sheet music providers, we know that we’ll be able to offer the perfect end-to-end solution for going digital.

How it works

Publishing your content through forScore is easy, non-exclusive, and virtually risk free. There are no setup fees, and you can remove your content at any time. As with all in-app purchases, Apple keeps 30% of each sale. To cover our costs we keep twenty percent, delivering half of your asking price on a quarterly basis.

If you choose to publish with us, we’ll review a few sample files to ensure that your content is properly optimized for iPad and a good fit for our audience. If we’re on the same page, you’ll be ready to submit your content. To start, we ask for a small set of your best sellers to get things rolling quickly: you provide the PDF files, cover artwork, and a few additional details like metadata and pricing, and we take it from there.

We take the security of your content very seriously. Your files are stored safely on our servers, accessible by forScore on an iPad only after passing strict server-side receipt validation. For even greater security, you can choose to use DRM (digital rights management) to protect your content even further. With DRM enabled, forScore downloads your protected content and immediately rewrites it, adding a permanent, randomly generated password that’s exclusive to that device (even we can’t decrypt it). Since Apple saves each user’s purchase history, they can still safely re-download your content if they upgrade or replace their device.

Get Started

Ready to learn more? Send us your information using the form below and we’ll work with you to get started. Get a head start by selecting a few sample files: add them to forScore and ensure that they load quickly and are displayed properly. Create compelling cover artwork or resize your existing images to the appropriate size (336×476 pixels). Decide how much to charge for each piece, and consider when DRM may be appropriate for your files.