Publish with forScore

Every day, more and more musicians around the world discover the dramatic effect digital sheet music can have on the way they work and play. Since its introduction in 2010, forScore has been at the forefront of the technology; we knew from the start that the iPad was perfect for sheet music, and our users agree.

Content Providers

Musicians want access to high-quality, fully licensed content without being forced into using closed systems or unfamiliar formats. Their music comes from a lot of different sources, and they don’t want to have to remember who sold them each piece and which app they should open to find it. If they can’t use the music they’ve bought the way they need to they’ll look elsewhere.

That’s why we created the Content Provider program which allows third party vendors to safely and securely distribute PDF versions of their products directly to our mutual customers through forScore’s Services panel. It’s the high-quality, fully licensed sheet music library our customers have been clamoring for, coupled with the workflow and toolset they know and love.

How It Works

We don’t sell or host anything, so you’ll retain exclusive and complete control over all aspects of the purchasing process and keep 100% of the proceeds while giving us the ability to offer our customers easy access to the content they’ve paid for and a great place to start when they’re looking for something new. If you’re interested in learning more about this program, please get in touch with us below.