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Beta Testing

Want to help test our latest apps and updates? If we’re actively testing a new version right now, just click the link below to sign up—otherwise be sure to check back soon. Just remember that beta versions of apps are typically unstable, unfinished, and it’s imperative that you always keep your files and metadata backed up.

Beta testing gives you an early look at new features, but it also requires a little bit of work. The beta testing period is used to solicit active feedback on new features, usability, and bugs. While we welcome feature requests and suggestions in general, we ask our testers to focus on the features we’ve already added in the current beta version. The first release is always the most exciting, but we also need testers to try out subsequent builds to make sure that changes and bug fixes are effective. If you’re ready to do this, sign up below!

Sign Up

To join the forScore beta, install the TestFlight app and tap the link below on your device:

iPhone or iPad:

Vision Pro: