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The world’s library, just millimeters thick.

Your Music Library

As Easy as PDF

Since they’re so common, forScore was designed around the PDF file format. That makes finding new music, digitizing your existing collection, and sharing files with colleagues a breeze.

Automatically Organized

Instead of worrying about files and folders, forScore lets you add then search or browse by metadata like composer, genre, or key. Menus are generated dynamically so they’re always up to date.

Instantly Available

Add files from your computer, connect to most cloud storage services securely through Apple’s Files app, or download and import PDFs from other apps like Mail or Safari. Go ahead, take requests.


Add an unlimited number of comma-separated composers, genres, tags, and labels to each of the scores in your library. Set a rating, difficulty level, duration, and key to find a piece that’s just right. Batch edit multiple files at once, and even import standard PDF metadata like title, author, subject, and keywords.

With forScore, your menus are always up to date because they show attributes instead of locations. Since one file can have many different attributes, it can appear in several different lists simultaneously, and you can focus on what you want instead of where you left it.

If some types of metadata don’t fit your needs, rename them. With forScore your library works for you—not the other way around.

Audio Tracks

Associate audio files with each score to play with backing tracks. Independently adjust speed or pitch, loop a specific section, or even turn pages automatically at particular points in the song.

Beyond Paper

Half-page Turns

See the bottom half of one page and the top half of the next page at the same time for perfect transitions and zero visual interruption. No scrolling, no gimmicks, just an easy fix for an age-old problem.

Hands Free

Bluetooth page turners from companies like PageFlip, AirTurn, and IKMultimedia make page turn pauses a thing of the past. Set one on the ground next to you and turn pages with foot pedals.


Handle repeats with style by creating a link between two pages of a score. Tap on a link to go to the target page and a signal will flash twice, showing you exactly where to begin playing.

Content Providers

A great sheet music reader needs great content, so we’ve teamed up with sites like Noteflight.com and Musicnotes.com—the world’s largest digital sheet music provider—to give you instant access to your purchases right from within our app.

Digital sheet music from these content providers is digitally sourced so there’s no tradeoff between quality and resolution. They’re orders of magnitude smaller than image-based files, saving you storage space and keeping your device from working overtime. Best of all, they’re fully licensed so you can avoid legal gray areas and support the people behind each song.

Use forScore to download your Noteflight or Musicnotes purchases as standard PDF files. No more crooked scans or missing pages, just purely digital content the way it was meant to be used: free from unnecessary restrictions or awkward limitations. It’s the high-quality sheet music you deserve and a best-in-class music reading experience you’ll love.

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