forScore in Education

The iPad is a great educational tool, and students and teachers around the world have discovered just how much time and paper they can save by pairing it with innovative apps like forScore. If you’re considering using forScore in the classroom, here are a few resources you should know about that can help:

Volume Purchases

You may know that Apple provides discounts on hardware purchases, but they also allow developers to offer similar discounts to educational institutions looking to buy multiple copies of their apps. All of our apps are currently eligible for purchase through this program—as of April 2019 the discount is 50% for purchases of 20 copies or more. Click the button below to visit and learn more about volume purchase discounts for educational institutions.
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forScore includes a lot of features and functions, some of which may not be right for students. In addition to Apple’s system-wide controls, the Restrictions section of forScore’s settings panel allows you to set a passcode and disable some of these features. You can disable our in-app purchase storefront, sharing from within forScore (the ability to import files from other apps is unaffected), or the Services panel which allows users to access popular cloud storage services or download purchased content directly from certain publishers.
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Logitech Crayon

Originally offered exclusively to educational institutions, Logitech’s Crayon was clearly designed with students in mind from the start. By packing advanced Apple Pencil technology into a much more utilitarian and rugged package, Logitech has created an incredible tool for the classroom. forScore is highly optimized for use with Crayon, allowing users to annotate by simply drawing on the page at any time—it automatically enters annotation mode and tracks drawings with virtually no delay.
forScore + Logitech Crayon