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10.5: Shapes

| Feature of the Week

When you want to add certain types of markings to a page, Stamps are often the right choice, but for dynamic markings such as slurs they just aren’t flexible enough. For those situations we created the Shapes tool which lets you draw certain common markings that need to be different sizes and aspect ratios.

There are two new shapes to choose from in forScore 10.5, an arrow and an oval (the two most commonly requested ones). Just like other shapes, you can use the resizing slider to change their thickness or tint them to the perfect color.

Out of the original set of shapes, the rectangle has always been a bit of an outlier: created to allow people to blank out sections of a page they don’t need, the rectangle is filled instead of outlined. Now, with our latest updates, you can choose either style for the rectangle and the new oval shape. Tap the circled arrow button next to either shape to see the tint color picker, and use the new tab bar along the bottom to show these new shape settings. There’s also a setting for the staff shape that allows you to specify the number of horizontal lines drawn.