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Coordination is a key part of music. The balancing of different notes and instruments produces something greater than each individual element, but good timing is essential. Effective harmony relies on tight synchronization.

Cue, forScore’s wireless navigation system, allows users to automatically coordinate page turns and program changes so everyone is literally on the same page. When using Cue, one person assumes the “leader” role, changing songs and turning pages just as they normally would. Other users can assume the “follower” role, and their copy of forScore will automatically follow along.

To use Cue, select “Cue” from the tools menu or tap the circled Cue icon in forScore’s title bar. Choose to lead your group, or choose one of three follower options: Follow Page Turns will flip forwards and backwards, use half-page turns if needed, and scroll up or down in landscape orientation. Follow Program Changes allows the leader to select a song to play, but leaves page turns up to you. Follow Both allows the leader to control both simultaneously.

For groups that use different but similar parts, following page turns only is a great solution. Everyone can choose their own version of music, but overall page turns are still kept in sync. For other groups, following program changes is especially helpful because not only can the leader direct everyone to the right piece at the same time, they’re also immediately notified if a follower doesn’t have the file on their iPad. If the leader chooses, they can send a copy wirelessly to anyone who needs it in seconds.

Cue uses an Apple framework that combines the power of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to send commands as quickly as possible. It works with forScore for iPad and forScore mini for iPhone or iPod Touch. There’s even a standalone Cue app that works more like a remote control, allowing someone to read along with you and discreetly turn pages without hovering.