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Drag and Drop: Setlists

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Our series on Drag and Drop continues today with Setlists, which are perhaps the best example of how these new interactions can speed up your workflow.

As we discussed last week, you can drag one or more items out of most of forScore’s menus, the search panel, and even out of the main view’s central title bar display. Once you’ve done that, you can drop those items into the main Setlist menu to create a new setlist with them, or you can drop them onto an existing setlist to add them to the bottom of that list. If you tap to navigate into a particular setlist, you can drop your items at a specific point to add them between the other items already in your list. And since the Setlist menu acts as both a drag source and a drop target, you can even drag one or more items from one setlist and copy them to another setlist or create a brand new setlist with them.

Drag and Drop also really helps when it comes to organizing your setlists: when you’re viewing a setlist in Manual sort order, use these gestures to reorder items in the list. Just tap and hold any one item, drag upward or downward, and let go when it’s in the right spot. There’s no need to use Edit mode (though you still can if you prefer to), just use these gestures at any time. The same goes for rearranging setlists in the main Setlist menu; drag them up or down to reorder them, or drag them into and out of folders.

If you use Setlists, creating and reordering them can be something you do frequently. These gestures open up a slew of new ways to work, so it just takes a little bit of exploration to find the methods that feel most intuitive and helpful to you.