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Drag and Drop: Sharing

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Last week we saw how easy it is to use Drag and Drop to import files from other apps, and today we’ll see how it works the other way: when you copy files in forScore to other apps on your device.

You can drag any of your scores out from the main menu, setlist menu, or the search panel into any PDF-compatible app to send a copy of the original file (without annotations) to that app. If you need to send an annotated PDF or a 4SC file, continue using the standard sharing functions you’re used to.

You can also drag tracks out of the audio file picker, recordings browser, media box, or the metadata panel. Copy CSV files and forScore backups out of the Indexes and Backups panels, respectively. In each of these cases you can drag the associated file or files out to any other app that’s compatible with that particular file type. A new copy is sent to the other app, so your forScore library remains unchanged.

We’ll be talking more about annotations and images in a future post, but we can’t resist pointing out one last thing. While annotating, select some of your drawn annotations with the Selection tool, then tap and hold the highlighted area and drag it away to create a snapshot of that zone. Then just drop the resulting image into any image-compatible app. That’s just part of the story, though, so be sure to check back next week when we explore the rest.