Holiday Updates

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The holiday season is here and we’ll be taking some time off as we head into 2020. This has been a very big year for us and we can’t overstate just how thankful we are for our passionate users. We love making (and listening to) great music, and helping musicians do what they love is what keeps us going. Thank you.

Before we go, we wanted to take a moment to remind those who may not have seen this before that a great feature of Apple’s digital storefronts is the ability for someone to purchase content—like albums, movies, books, and apps—for other people. You can pay for the item, add a message, and even schedule the gift email to arrive on a specific date. When it arrives the recipient will get a download code that they can redeem with their own Apple account.

It’s a great way to send last-minute gifts, or to share an app you’ve enjoyed with someone who perhaps can’t afford or wouldn’t choose to buy it on their own. For more information on app gifting, check out this page on Apple’s website. Happy holidays!