iOS 12.2

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Today Apple released iOS 12.2, so we wanted to mention that we’ve been testing with this latest update and forScore users should feel free to install it whenever they’re ready. In fact, there are two notable improvements made to this version that we wanted to call out.

First, this update fixes a system-wide issue when exporting PDFs that could cause semi-transparent annotations (like those made with default highlighter preset) to appear darker than normal, and could show artifacts especially around white markings.

This update also unexpectedly adds support for the Logitech Crayon to the latest generation of iPad Pros, the 11-inch and 12.9-inch (3rd generation). In our testing, we found them to be a great rugged alternative with few downsides. If you’ve got an iPad Pro and couldn’t justify the price of the Apple Pencil 2, this cheaper alternative definitely deserves a look.

Logitech’s Crayon doesn’t support pressure sensitivity, but it does support tilt and otherwise works similarly to the first generation Apple Pencil. The cap is built in so you can’t lose it, it charges with a cable so there’s no need to awkwardly plug it in to the bottom of your iPad, and it doesn’t require pairing so it’s even easier to set up. It’s a utilitarian tool that in many ways makes up for some of the more curious choices Apple made with their first Pencil, and overall it’s a great option that we’re happy to recommend.