Adding or creating new stamps

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forScore’s annotation stamps include a general set for music markup, but we’ve also included the ability for users to create and add their own stamps to further customize the stamps palette and tailor it to their individual needs. Add your own stamps by pressing the + button or edit an existing stamp by selecting it and then tapping the action button. This will launch the stamp editor, where you can draw or edit your design.

You can also create stamps from images. First, find or create a PNG image (for best results should it be 144×144 pixels and have a transparent background instead of white pixels) and add it to forScore using iTunes’ file sharing panel. Then, create a new stamp and press the “Import” button to see the PNG files on your device. Tap on one to place it on the canvas and continue to edit it or save it as is.

Tip: The import list allows you to delete images you no longer need: just swipe from left to right over the item in the list and tap “delete” to confirm.

On iPad, iOS 11’s Drag and Drop gestures make this process far simpler. Use Safari or any other app that supports Drag and Drop to find or create an image, open forScore’s Stamp creator, then drag the image onto the stamp creator’s canvas.

If you created a stamp you no longer need, you can delete it by selecting it and then tapping the trash can button at the bottom of the panel.

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