Connecting or Troubleshooting the AirTurn BT-105 or BT-106

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If the virtual keyboard isn’t appearing when you select a text field with your foot pedal connected, please see this article.

The BT-105 and BT-106 series of page turners are compatible with forScore in Mode 3. To pair these devices, follow the instructions in the device user manual to pair in the Bluetooth section of the Settings app, then change to Mode 3 and the device should turn pages in forScore without any further configuration. Note: these devices will not appear in forScore’s Devices panel, which is only used for certain classes of device with direct integrations.

If your page turner is paired with your iOS device (in the Bluetooth section of the Settings app) but isn’t turning pages in forScore, first try reselecting the correct mode on the device.


  • Turn on the BT-106
  • Press and hold the MODE (6) button for 2 seconds. The red LED will flash once per second from 1 to 6 flashes. The number of flashes corresponds to the same MODE number. Be sure to count the flashes.
  • Release the MODE button following the number of flashes that reflects the desired MODE. The orange LED will flash the number of times indicating which MODE has been set.


  • Turn off the BT-105
  • Hold the “forward” footswitch closed with one hand (follow the cable from the footswitch—it will be plugged into the port next to the USB port)
  • While holding the footswitch closed, turn the device on with the other hand
  • As soon as the power light comes on, release both the footswitch and the power button

You should see a sequence of blinks that confirm the profile change as follows: 1 red, 3 green, 1 red. The device is now in Mode 3. This video from AirTurn demonstrates the steps further:

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you can try resetting the default page turner shortcuts in forScore:

  • Open forScore’s settings panel (in the Tools menu) and choose “page turners & shortcuts”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the panel and tap “Reset…”
  • Confirm when prompted, and check the AirTurn device again to see if it’s functioning properly

If you’re having continued issues beyond that, you might check to see if another compatible app works properly with the AirTurn device. If the foot pedal isn’t working in any apps, please contact AirTurn support directly. If the foot pedal is working in other compatible apps but not in forScore, please submit a forScore support request using the form in the upper left corner of this page.

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