Connecting your AirTurn PED, BT200, or BT500 Series

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AirTurn’s PED, PEDpro, BT200 and BT500 Series of devices feature six different modes for compatibility with a wide range of devices. Using the Mode 1 (AppDirect) will give you the best battery life and won’t interfere with iOS’s virtual on-screen keyboard. Modes 2 and up are not recommended due to double signal transmission introduced in recent firmware updates. If you have a special use case that requires setting the device in mode 2 or above, please disable “AirTurn Support” in forScore’s Devices panel to eliminate the second signal.

Note: These devices require a Bluetooth Smart-capable device, iPad 1 and 2 not supported.

Switching device modes:

  • Turn on the device.
  • Press and hold the MODE button. The red LED will flash once per second from 1 to 6 flashes. The number of flashes corresponds to the same MODE number. Be sure to count the flashes.
  • Release the MODE button following the number of flashes that reflects the desired MODE. The blue and red LEDs will flash together the number of times indicating which MODE has been set.
  • IMPORTANT: You must restart the device after switching between modes 1 and 2. With the device powered on, press and hold the power button for six seconds. After two seconds, the device will appear to power down. Continue to hold the power button. At six seconds both LEDs will blink three times. After the third blink release the power button. Once the device is reset and you turn it back on, you will need to re-select mode 1, as it defaults to mode 2.

Connecting via mode 1 (forScore 8.3 or newer):

  • Check the “Bluetooth” section of the Settings app for your AirTurn device under the “My Devices” list. If listed, tap the circled “i” button to the right of it and select “Forget This Device.”
  • If you haven’t done so already, set your device to mode 1 (see above).
  • Open forScore and tap the center of the screen to show the title bar, if necessary.
  • Tap the toolbox icon (the far right of the title bar) to open the Tools menu.
  • With forScore 10 or earlier, choose Devices from the list. With forScore 11 or later, choose Settings, then Devices.
  • In the Devices panel, select AirTurn.
  • Ensure that “AirTurn Support” is enabled and select your device from the devices list when it appears.

Using AirTurn with forScore for Mac

The AirTurn framework is not currently used on macOS: to connect your page turner directly to your Mac, open System Preferences and pair your device within the Bluetooth section using Mode 3, then it should turn pages in forScore without any further configuration. If you want to customize the commands sent by the AirTurn, please see this knowledge base article.

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