Creating a new library

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Use these steps to create a new library in forScore:

  • Open the Scores menu and tap the Library button in the upper left corner (tap back to navigate to the root menu if needed)
  • Tap the + button to add a new library, then give the library a name
  • If you’d like to reorder your libraries, drag the three lines to the right of each item up or down
  • Tap a library to select it and make it active
  • Tap the Close button to return to the scores menu where you can view the files associated with that library

Any scores you add to forScore are automatically added to the current library, but since your new library is empty right now there won’t be much to look at. Return to the libraries list and select “All Libraries” to browse for the scores you’d like to use. In the metadata panel, choose the “libraries” tab and tap the name of your new library to place a checkmark next to it. This works while batch editing, too, so you can add multiple scores to a library quickly and easily.

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