Troubleshooting the Cue feature

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Cue allows multiple devices to connect to each other and send signals from a “leader” to one or more “followers.” The way the devices communicate with each other is built into an iOS framework, so the majority of it is under the system’s control, not forScore’s. iOS uses a combination of Bluetooth and WiFi protocols to search for nearby devices, then create an ad hoc network between them. (This works even if you do not have a local wifi network to connect to.)

There are also a number of environmental factors that could be causing interference, such as other active Bluetooth devices within range (audience members, for example), the architecture of a building, etc.

However, there are a few things that you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Ensure that all devices have enabled Local Network access. You can verify this in the Settings app by choosing forScore in the sidebar. The Local Network switch should be turned on.
  • If your Cue devices are joined with a WiFi network, make sure there are no other devices on the same network
  • Make sure both Bluetooth and Wifi are enabled on all devices you are attempting to connect.

Note: Devices running iOS 10 and higher are unable to connect reliably (or at all) to devices running iOS 9 or earlier. For best results, all devices should be running the same major version of iOS.

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