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Drag & Drop

iOS 11 introduced Drag and Drop gestures, allowing you to work more quickly and naturally in apps like forScore that have been updated to support them. Note that Drag and Drop is not available on iOS 10 or earlier, and that it works between apps on iPad but only within the same app on iPhone or iPod Touch.


To use Drag and Drop, tap and hold your finger over an interface element—if it can be dragged, it will animate and appear to lift off of the screen slightly. Once it does, drag your finger away to start a drag session. While continuing to hold that item with one finger, you can use other fingers to interact with the app just as you normally would. You can close the view you’re working in, open other panels or menus, and even switch apps (or use the iPad’s Split Screen and Slide Over multitasking modes).

When you drag your items over a compatible view or portion of the screen, you’ll see the interface change to indicate that an action can be performed there. When rearranging items in a list (scores within a setlist, for example), other items move out of the way and create a gap to show that you dropping your item there will move it to that spot. In other cases, a green “+” symbol may appear indicating that your items will be added or copied instead of moved. Different situations use different symbols, and it takes just a few minutes of exploration to understand what each of them means and how they work.

Multiple Items

In some cases, you can start dragging an item with one finger, then tap other similar items with a second finger to add them to your drag session. As you do, each item will animate over to your first finger (Apple calls this “flocking”) and you’ll be able to drag them all around at once and drop the entire set wherever you need to.

Often times you can even drag similar items from different views: drag a score out of the main menu, then tap a bookmark from your most recent setlist, for instance, to add it to the items you’re currently dragging.

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