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You can view virtually any PDF file with forScore, and use a wide range of free applications for every major platform to convert other files to the PDF format. forScore also works with password-protected PDF files, and will prompt you for the password the first time you open it, then store that password in your iOS Keychain so you don’t need to enter it every time. Note that some PDF files are restricted and require special software, so we can’t guarantee compatibility.
As of version 7.0, forScore can also import TXT, RTF, DOC, and DOCX files and automatically convert them into PDFs for you. In addition, you can import audio files in MP3, AIFF, AAC, ALAC, WAV, and M4A format and store them locally to link to scores in your library for playback.
forScore’s uses the following “4S” formats that can be shared with other forScore users:

  • 4SB: a backup file that contains all annotations, metadata, setlists, and settings from your library, but not the PDFs themselves
  • 4SC: a score file that contains the PDF file and all annotations and metadata in a single package
  • 4SS: a setlist file that contains the setlist data, and optionally includes the referenced PDFs and/or 4SC data

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