Common forScore Pro Questions

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What is forScore Pro?

For an overview of the forScore Pro features and benefits, visit our Pro page.

I subscribed to forScore Pro but the features aren’t appearing.

If you’ve subscribed and forScore Pro features are not unlocked, or if you’re using a different device than the one you initially used to subscribe, you’ll need to restore your purchase to gain access to forScore Pro’s features. Open forScore’s tools menu, choose Settings, then forScore Pro (if you’re subscribed and see a list of options, tap “Manage Subscription”). Tap “Restore” in the lower right corner of the panel, then authenticate your Apple ID when prompted. This will validate your purchase history and should unlock the Pro features. If this is unsuccessful, please contact us to troubleshoot further.

Face Gestures is not appearing as an option after subscribing.

This most likely means that your device is not compatible with facial tracking. To confirm this, open forScore’s tools menu, choose Support, then Device Information. Facial Tracking must be listed as “Supported” in order for this Pro feature to appear. If Facial Tracking is not supported, you will need to upgrade to a supported device in order to use this feature. We recommend checking the Device Information panel before subscribing to forScore Pro to ensure the features you want to use are supported on your hardware.

Will my Pro stamps be deleted if I cancel my subscription? If I share a score with a non-Pro user, will they be able to see my Pro stamps?

If your subscription ends you will no longer be able to access and use the Pro stamp sets. Any Pro stamps that you have already placed on your PDFs will remain visible and will not be affected by your subscription status. Other users receiving annotated files that contain Pro stamps will be able to view them without issue. If you’ve copied any of the Pro stamps to your personal stamp collection or customized them, those copies will continue to be available to you regardless of your subscription status.

How do I manage my Pro subscription?

Like all in-app subscriptions, you can manage them through the App Store app under your Apple ID account information. If you have questions related to billing, renewals, payment methods, or anything else related to the actual purchase of the subscription, contact Apple Support. We do not have access to any Apple ID information for privacy and security reasons.

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