My page turner is not behaving correctly

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A common accessibility setting introduced with iOS and iPadOS 13 can interfere with Bluetooth page turner functionality. This issue can affect all models of PageFlip devices, the iRig Blue Turn, AirTurn BT-105/106 class of pedals, as well as other devices that use a standard computer keyboard profile to connect to the iPad on a system level.

This can result in any of the following behaviors:

  • Intermittently unresponsive pedals or buttons
  • Selection of interface elements like tool icons or the seek bar in forScore instead of page turns
  • Opening menus or performing other commands instead of page turns

If you are experiencing any of these behaviors, follow these steps to disable this setting:

  • Open the system Settings app
  • Choose Accessibility > Keyboards > Full Keyboard Access
  • Turn Full Keyboard Access OFF

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please visit the connection and troubleshooting article specific to your model of accessory to ensure that the device is connected properly. If you have further issues not addressed in those articles, please contact us to troubleshoot further.

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