Freezing, Crashing, & Resetting to the Quick Start Guide

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A system bug in iOS/iPadOS 13.4 or later can cause forScore to freeze and eventually crash, either at launch or at any time while using the app. If this happens, forScore will close all tabs and revert to displaying the quick start guide upon relaunching (a general safety measure intended to protect users from repeated crashes).

With forScore 11.2.5 we introduced an opt-in workaround that avoids this bug by limiting forScore’s communication with the system’s shared music playback framework. Based on this bug’s severity and Apple’s failure to address it for over a year, forScore 12.1 enabled this workaround by default for all users. Unless you need to use specific functionality that is limited by this change, we recommend leaving it on until further notice.

If the situation above does not apply to you, please contact us directly so we can diagnose the issue further.

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