Selecting Links or Buttons with an external device

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With forScore 9.3 and later, you can use a supported accessory like a Bluetooth page turner, keyboard, MIDI controller, or Bluetooth Smart device to select and/or activate Links and Buttons on a page without needing to tap them. To configure your device, follow the customizing page turner shortcuts instructions and set a shortcut for “Select Control” and/or “Activate Control.”

If both options are configured, Select Control allows you to move focus between any of the currently visible links or buttons on your page, and Activate Control simulates a tap on the currently selected control. You can also just use Activate Control to skip the selection process and immediately activate the first (or only) control on the page.

If only Activate Control is configured, it activates the first control on the page (from the top left corner).

If only Select Control is configured and you’re using forScore 11.2 or later, you can use it to switch focus between the various links and buttons on a page by pressing it repeatedly, then forScore will activate the focused one after a short delay.

Note: Only one command can be assigned to each button or pedal on your device. So if you’d like to be able to use Previous Page, Next Page, Select Control, and Activate Control commands, you would need to use a device that has four buttons or pedals. Some two-pedal devices (AirTurn BT-105/106 and PageFlip Firefly) also have inputs on the back to expand to four pedals.

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