Setlist folders

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Setlist folders allow you to organize your setlists into discrete groups. Unlike in the score menu, where an item can appear in multiple category lists based on its attributes, folders are concrete locations: a setlist can only ever be in one folder at a time, just like on a computer.

To create a new empty folder, tap the “edit” button and then tap the new folder icon with a “+” symbol inside it. Supply a name and your folder will appear at the bottom of the list. Folders can be rearranged and mixed in with your other setlists, so you can put them anywhere in your list.

Use the setlist metadata panel to move a setlist into or out of a folder. Tap the circled “i” button next to any setlist or use edit mode to select multiple setlists and batch edit them to change their folder location. Select any existing folder, create a new one, or select “no folder” to move your setlist or setlists.

Note: Setlist folders are available in forScore 10 or later.

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