Using Drag and Drop with audio tracks

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Importing and Sharing Files

forScore uses Drag and Drop to help you import or share audio files. Drag them into and out of the audio file picker to import or export them, or drag files from another app onto the media box to import them and link them to the current score or bookmark. If the current track in forScore’s media box is a locally stored file, you can also drag the track’s title to send a copy to another app. Tracks linked from the Music app cannot be shared.

Linking Tracks

You can also use Drag and Drop to associate tracks with scores or bookmarks in your library. Drag a track out from the metadata panel’s audio track list, the audio picker, or the media box’s title text. Navigate to a different score or bookmark and drop it into the media box to link it, or open the metadata panel to the correct piece and drop it into the audio track list. This can be done with any track, whether it’s locally stored or it comes from the system’s shared Music library.

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